Ghoulish Goodies Party Favors

Ghoulish Goodies Party Favors

The ghouls are out tonight, and they are having a monster of a bash. Thank your ghostly guests for coming with these fun party favors—they’re frightfully delicious.

Total Time: 1 Hour


  • 1 bag of Palmer® Double Crisp® Skulls
  • 4+ small take-out containers
  • 1 pack of googly eyes (varying sizes)
  • 1 roll of streamers
  • 1 pack of pipe cleaners (varying colors)
  • Craft paper (varying colors)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Marker/pen
  • Scissors

This craft makes 4+ favor packs: Bat, ghost, mummy and spider


Step 1

Organize your materials according to each creature you are creating. Cut out the bat wings from the craft paper, make pipe cleaner legs for the spider, twist pipe cleaners together to make mummy hands, and cut out strips of white streamers for the ghost. Also cut out teeth for your spider and bat, as well as a mouth for your ghost, and paper pieces for behind the eyes of your creatures.

Glue those paper pieces on the faces of your creatures. Pick out the eyes for each and glue them in place.

Step 2

Wrap the mummy hands with the streamers. Glue the mummy hands, bat wings and spider legs to their corresponding containers. Wrap streamers around the mummy container, adding a dab of glue in various places to hold in place. Also glue the streamers to the ghost container. Attach the fangs of the bat and spider, and the mouth of the ghost. Fill with candy and write a fun message on the back of each container.

2 steps in making Ghoulish party favors

Note: Add these to your party decorations and have a ghoulish good time!