Bunny In The Flowers Centerpiece

Bunny In The Flowers Centerpiece

Brighten up any room with this centerpiece layered in Palmer Chocolate. Can you refrain from taking a nibble every time you walk by?

Total Time: 15 min.


  • 2 5oz. bags of Palmer® Milk Chocolate Flavored Easter Eggs
  • 2 Palmer® Double Crisp® Bunnyettes®
  • 1 Palmer® Carrot Patch Pete
  • 1 glass vase
  • 1 household cup/plastic cup
  • Handful of basket grass
  • Fresh spring flowers
  • Ribbon
  • Twisty tie
  • Scissors

NOTE: Children should be supervised by an adult when creating this craft.


Step 1

Fill the cup with tap water 3/4 of the way full and place in the center of your glass vase. Fill around the outside of the water cup with the Easter Eggs at the base of the vase.
Put a layer of the basket grass next and top with the Bunnyettes®. Your cup should not be seen from the outside of the vase at this point.

Step 2

Cut your flower stems so that the stems are in the water cup and the tops of the flowers rest nicely at the top of the glass vase. Separate the flowers in the middle enough and rest the chocolate bunny on the cup so that his head is peeking out of the flowers.
Make a bow with the ribbon and twisty tie it to the base of your vase. Your centerpiece is now complete.

Step 1 -Vase with cup with water and filled with candy and easter grass. Step 2 - complete with chocolate bunny