6 Snowmen Melt-Away Cookies on a rectangular plate

Snowmen Melt-Away Cookies

It’s cookie season and these Snowmen Melt-Away Cookies are the perfect addition to your holiday cookie platter. See recipe for details here!

Prep Time: 15 mins. | Total Time: 45 mins. | Servings: 12


  • 1 Box Gingerbread Mix (Ingredient quantity may vary per Gingerbread Mix Brand)
    • Eggs
    • Vegetable Oil
    • Water
  • 1 Container Orange Sprinkles
  • 1 Palmer® White Chocolate Flavored Almond Bark
  • 1 bag Palmer® Chocolate Flavored Christmas Bells, unwrapped


Preheat oven to 350° F. Lightly grease baking sheet.


In a large bowl, combine ingredients as instructed by gingerbread mix. Beat ingredients at a low speed with electric mixer until moistened. Beat at a medium speed for 2 minutes until batter is smooth.


Roll dough into two inch balls for larger cookies and place on baking sheet.


Bake for 10–12 minutes and remove from oven. Cool in pan for 10 minutes and remove to cooling racks to cool completely. Place one cookie aside for the snowmen’s eyes.


Break the Palmer® White Chocolate Flavored Almond Bark in pieces and melt in microwave for 30–45 seconds. Remove and stir until white chocolate reaches a smooth consistency. Pour white chocolate over the top of each cookie and spread smooth with spoon, forming an uneven pattern around the edges of each cookie.

Cut Christmas Bells in half and place halves caramel side down at the top edge of each cookie, making the snowmen’s top hats. Take one orange sprinkle and place in the center of each cookie for the snowmen’s noses. Break the cookie you put aside earlier into small pieces and roll pieces into tiny circles for the snowmen’s eyes. Place two of the gingerbread eyes between the top hat and nose on each cookie.

Refrigerate for a half hour or until white chocolate layer hardens.