Peanut Butter Cup Reindeer

Peanut Butter Cup Reindeer

Surprise your dinner guests for the holidays with a cute Peanut Butter Cup Reindeer at each plate setting. It is sure to bring a smile to their faces.

Total Time: 1 hour


NOTE: Children should be supervised by adults when creating this craft.


Step 1

Cut out all of your antlers for your reindeer from the brown foam sheet. Don’t worry about them looking perfect; you can clean up the edges once they are fully cut out. Using a peanut butter cup for the size, cut out circles from the brown foam sheet as well for the front of the reindeer’s face.

Step 2

Glue a peanut butter cup on its side to the top of another peanut butter cup so that one bottom piece sticks out further from the top. Repeat for all sets of reindeer. Make bows from the pipecleaners. (You may also use ribbon or string to make the bows.)

Step 1 - cut out antlers Step 2 - Glue peanut butter cups and make bows from the pipecleaners.

Step 3

Now it is time to bring your reindeer to life. Glue on eyes on top of the face, the brown circle on front of the face, a red pom-pom for the nose, the antlers to the back of the peanut butter cup and the bow on the front of the bottom piece. Allow them to dry fully. Your reindeer are complete and ready for display.

For fun, make 9 total reindeer with enough supplies—one with a red nose and the rest with brown noses.

Step 3 - Finish up your Reindeer