Peanut Butter Cup Flower Bouquet

Create a fun bouquet for any occasion. Give as a gift or use as a centerpiece at your next event!

Total Time: 30 min


R.M. Palmer foiled Peanut Butter Cups

Flower Cut-Outs (Click to Download and Print)

Wooden Skewers 

Green Marker

Hot Glue Gun


Double-sided Tape


Basket or Vase

Floral Foam that fits your Basket/Vase

Colored Crinkle Paper or Easter Grass


  1. Download and print flower cut-outs. It is best to print on thicker paper, but if you are unable, print and mount onto card-stock or posterboard.
  2. Cut out the flowers.
  3. Color your wooden skewers with a green marker to make your stem.
  4. Using double-sided tape, attach a peanut butter cup to the center of each flower.
  5. Using a hot glue gun, attach the flower to the wooden skewer. Repeat for all your flowers.
  6. Place the floral foam in your basket/vase and cover it with crinkle paper.
  7. Stick your flowers in the foam and arrange them into a bouquet!