Halloween Party Candy Towers

Halloween Party Candy Towers

Decorating for the Annual Halloween Party? Add an impressively spooky centerpiece to your table setting. Add containers of goodies and Palmer Halloween Candy Towers for a completely haunting look.

Total Time: 2 hours


  • 1 bag of Palmer® Monster Munch Mix
  • 1 bag of Palmer® Creepy Peeper Mix
  • Halloween Ingredient Labels (PDF)
  • 2 Styrofoam shapes
  • 1 Halloween themed ribbon spool (wide)
  • 1 pack of natural raffia
  • 1 bag of accent gems
  • Googly eyes
  • Fuzzy craft balls
  • Pipecleaners
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors

Two Halloween candy towers agains spooky backgroundMakes two candy towers. Does not include base.
Jars and candle holders in a Halloween theme are great options for the base.
Additional candy needed to fill glass containers.

NOTE: Children should be supervised by adults when creating this craft


PART A: Eyeball Candelabra and Candy Tower

Step 1

Organize candy into stacks of similar color and objects (zombies, eyeballs, pumpkins, etc.). Attach your styrofoam shape with a little glue (if necessary) to the desired base, candle holder or jar. If using a jar, place some candy or Halloween items inside the jar before attaching the styrofoam. Once you have your styrofoam in place, start gluing your Palmer® candy with a small amount of glue. You can create a pattern or keep it random. Use the accent gems, fuzzy craft balls, and pipe cleaners as fillers and an extra bit of sparkle to your towers. You could even leave your hot glue strings on your tower to represent spooky cobwebs.

Note: If creating a pattern, establish a front to your tower and start gluing your candy there, working your way to the back. This will leave any odd areas on the back of your tower.

Step 2

Continue gluing the candy to the styrofoam until the styrofoam shape is completely covered. Use the accent gems, pipecleaners and fuzzy craft balls to fill in open areas.

For the Eyeball Candelabra, spiral a pipecleaner around your fill so it has a nice shape, glue one end to the styrofoam shape and glue a googly eye to the other end. Repeat, creating different levels of googly eyes along the top of your candelabra. Tie some raffia and ribbon around the base.

For the Candy Tower, tie a ribbon around the base and attach a label to the jar with glue or some tape.


PART B: Final Table Display

Step 3

Gather other containers you have and any Halloween decorations. Fill containers with Palmer® Halloween candy and Halloween items — spiders, skeletons, skulls or hands, raffia to make a nest for a vulture, etc. Glue or tape labels on each container. Lay down an eerie tablecloth or runner and arrange the containers on your table. Vary the heights, colors, and objects on the table until you have them positioned the way you like. Add some cobwebs to finish off the full effect of a Halloween Table Display. Your centerpiece is the perfect place to show off the delicious food and beverages or party favors you have crafted for the Halloween party.