Parsnip Pete in Easter basket

Easter Carrot Favors

Make your own Easter carrot favors using Parsnip Pete's Bunny Treats!

Total Time: 15 Minutes


  • Double Crisp®️ Chocolaty Carrots
  • Icing Piping Bags
  • Green Ribbon



Step 1

First, gather your materials. Use piping bags used to ice cakes for the carrot or make your own with cellophane. Use green ribbon for the carrot tops.

Step 2

Next, fill the piping bags with Double Crisp®️ Carrots.

Step 3

Now take the green ribbon and tie the end of the piping bag closed leaving strands of green ribbon as the “carrot top.”

Step 4

To finish, place your Carrots in Easter baskets or use them as Easter dinner favors!

4 steps to making Easter carrots