Easter Candy Bouquet

Need a centerpiece for your Easter Celebration? Or a unique way to gift Easter Candy? Make a Candy Bouquet!

Total Time: 30 min


R.M. Palmer Candy:

Double Crisp® Bunny 4.25oz

Bunny Crisp 3PK

Parsnip Pete’s Bunny Treats

Double Crisp® Bunny Munny®

Milk Chocolate Flavored Bunnies 4.5oz


Bunny’s Egg Hunt Mix

Other Supplies:

Hot Glue Gun


Basket or Vase

Floral Foam that fits your Basket/Vase

Crinkle paper, Easter grass, or tissue paper as a filler

Wooden Skewers


  1. Place the floral foam inside your basket or vase.
  2. Using a hot glue gun, attach a wooden skewer to each foiled candy piece you want to use in your bouquet and let dry.
  3. Arrange your candy skewers in your basket/vase by sticking the skewer into the floral foam. *Tip: Start by putting the large Double Crisp® Bunny in the center and arranging the rest around that. Cut some of the sticks shorter than others to give the bouquet dimension and height.
  4. Once you have them arranged how you like them, fill the basket/vase with your filler. 
  5. Add a bow to your basket/vase for added decor.