2 Chocolate Caramel Apple Cups by a chalk board

Chocolate Caramel Apple Cups

Everyone loves to get caramel apples at the fair, but what about chocolate caramel cups inside an apple cup? The perfect treat for a night at the fair.

Total Time: 1 hour


  • 2 4oz. bags of Palmerยฎ Soft Caramel Cups
  • 2 small soda bottles, empty and cleaned
  • Red paint or spray paint
  • Sponge or paint brush
  • 2 green pipe cleaners
  • 2 clear plastic bags
  • 1 sheet of green paper
  • Scissors


Step 1

Cut the soda bottle so there is 2.5 to 3 inches measuring from the bottom up. You can discard the top of the bottle. Paint the bottoms of the bottles red. Allow cups to dry completely and not tacky to the touch.

Note: If using red paint, apply paint with a brush or sponge. You will need to do a couple coats so that the cup is no longer see-through.

Step 2

Place a plastic bag in each cup with the opening at the top and fill each cup with one bag of the Soft Caramel Cups. Use a green pipe cleaner to twist tie shut. Cut out your leaves from the green paper and poke a hole at the bottom in order to thread the pipe cleaner through the paper. Twist the rest of the pipe cleaner into a spiral and your Chocolate Caramel Apple Cups are ready to take to the park, a fair or even give to your new school teacher.

Step 1 - cut plastic soda bottle and paint redย ย Step 2 - finished and ready to go